Rep Kelly Townsend is awful

28 Dec 2016 11:54 pm
Posted by: Donna

A lot of us have been engaging in a kind of gallows humor about 2016, which was a disaster electorally for Democrats (and the world) and seems to have ripped through iconic celebrities like the Black Plague through Europe. Dejected political junkies and fans of this year’s deceased celebrities have been wont to anthropomorphize the year, with things like “That’s enough 2016!” “Go fuck yourself 2016!” appearing regularly on social media.

This has drawn out the usual tiresome pedants eager to lecture about actuarial statistics (we get it guys!) but here’s someone who appears to be quite stoked over the celeb deaths: one Rep. Kelly Townsend (R) of the far East Valley of Greater Phoenix (who did take this post down but, alas, the internet is forever):

Kelly Townsend

Wow. Townsend really is treating 2016 like a real person. One who should be admired and cherished for, uh, killing beloved artists. I hope nobody tells her that substance abuse is not only not new, but that medical interventions are probably allowing people who struggle with it to live longer. It might kill her buzz!

Also, I may have some bad news for Rep. Townsend about the incoming President and his possible drug abuse. I mean, it’s just a rumor, but that’s all she needed, in addition to her moral judgment, to cheer the passing of David Bowie, Prince, and Carrie Fisher, isn’t it?

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