Republicans have their tweeting assignments for the SOTU

28 Feb 2017 04:54 pm
Posted by: Donna

The text of the draft is small so here’s what Republicans should be tweeting in Arizona, just fyi.

Arizonans have seen #Obamacare premiums skyrocket by 116% in 2017. Excited for @GOP reforms from POTUS!

Justifying repealing the ACA due to increases in premium rates is, as Salon writer Bob Cesca put it, like wanting to ban gas stations because the price of gas went up. When you see GOP operatives tweeting misinformation about the health care law, Bob’s piece I linked is a good source for debunking it. Losing the ACA will endanger the lives of untold numbers of Arizonans, including some of our most vulnerable residents, whom the “pro-life” Republican politicians here constantly and piously insist they want to protect and cherish.

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