Sal Diciccio channels Mitt Romney in his endorsement of Justin Johnson

28 Oct 2013 06:01 pm
Posted by: Donna

The front page of Sunday’s Valley section of the AZ Republic featured a piece about how the Phoenix Council District 4 election results next Tuesday “could significantly affect the ideological makeup of a City Council that’s become more polarized in recent years.” Gee, I wonder what, or who to be more specific, caused that development?


Reporter Dustin Gardiner quoted supporters of candidates Laura Pastor and Justin Johnson, both Democrats, to highlight their different approaches to the office they seek. No surprises there: Pastor is seen as the more progressive, labor-friendly choice while Johnson is expected to side with developers and other business interests. Johnson’s critics also point to his contribution to Sal DiCiccio as something that should alarm the voters in District 4.

Pastor has called Johnson the “the fifth vote for Sal DiCiccio,” suggesting he would be a tie-breaking supporter for the Republican councilman known for his outspoken stances on fiscal and social issues. Johnson gave $200 to DiCiccio’s most recent re-election campaign, and father Paul Johnson and DiCiccio run with the same crowd of developers and business owners.

“That (contribution) speaks volumes to me,” said state Sen. Katie Hobbs, a Pastor supporter and Democrat whose district includes much of the same area. “I just see that more often than not that Justin will be on that more conservative side.”

Johnson said he has given money to all of the current council members because he supports the city “in general,” and it’s nice to have city leaders he can call for help with plans on construction projects.

He’s like Ringo, that Justin, getting by with a little help from his friends.

And here’s his pal Sal DiCiccio, having a Mitt Romney moment, explaining how he sees a kindred spirit in Justin Johnson.

For his part, DiCiccio hasn’t formally endorsed Johnson, whom he labeled “center left.” But DiCiccio said Johnson is clearly his preferred choice as a council colleague, saying Pastor supports policies that got “Phoenix in a financial crisis.”

“If you look at his background, he’s signed the front of a check,” DiCiccio said of Johnson. “Laura, my guess, has probably signed the back of a check. … There’s a different perspective when you do that.”

You see, there are “makers” in this city. They sign the fronts of checks. Then there are the “takers”, who sign the backs of them. Most of the latter are probably on some kind of welfare too.

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