Salient clips from yesterday’s special session

14 Jun 2011 04:51 pm
Posted by: Donna

The link to yesterday’s Special Session in the AZ House is up at and I clipped out a few of the GOP speeches I found striking. I was going to do a longer post but I think these clips illustrate the situation perfectly.

First there’s Rep. Steve Montenegro (R-Litchfield Park), who seems to be unaware of the contradictions in the anecdotes he related:

First story: Unemployed constituent pounding the pavement for a job, unsuccessfully, yet adamant that Reps. Montenegro et al. stop with all the unemployment benefits and focus on job creation. Second story: Small business owner who is threatening to move his business to Texas because – wait for it – he can’t find workers because people are getting all those generous unemployment benefits! I don’t suppose it occured to Rep. Montenegro to introduce his unemployed constituent to the small business owner. Match made in Tea Party Bootstraps heaven, if you ask me.

Then here’s Nancy McClain, a Republican from Bullhead City who made an impassioned plea for the people in her community, who have been hit by disproportionately high unemployment:

Scottsdale Republican Rep. Michelle Ugenti is having none of that. In high patriotic dudgeon, she basically told the unemployed in Bullhead City and Yuma and everywhere else in the state to suck it.

Besides, why should she care? Things are just fine where she lives.


  1. Comment by Truth08 on June 14, 2011 6:38 pm

    Maybe Montenegro was ..’drunk’…?


    Michelle Ugenti hypocrisy; who sent 1.7 million in border funds to Babeu the Sheriff who is NOT on the border..? Has the audacity to stand there and chastize the Unemployed and the Feds who are ponying up those monies, NOT the State..? Imagine that..?


  2. Comment by Zelph on June 14, 2011 7:26 pm

    I hope Dems will make collections of clips like Ugenti’s and use them effectively next election. I’d also like a pony.

  3. Comment by todd on June 15, 2011 1:19 pm

    Love how Ugenti blames the housing bubble on government forcing banks to loan money to people (and I think we all know she means minority home owners). She really comes across as someone who has no idea what she is talking about.

    I also think Montenegro is not telling the truth about the discussions he has been having.

    It very was odd to hear McLain say she is not considered conservative by some in her party.

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