Scott Adams demonstrates why we need programs like Emerge

02 Aug 2016 12:07 pm
Posted by: Donna

So cartoonist and world renowned manbaby Scott Adams tweeted this:

Which led to me tweeting this:

Possibly my most retweeted thing ever.

And then Dr. Matthew Taylor tweeted this in response:

To which Scott Adams tweeted this:

I’m fairly certain the moon landing wasn’t achieved on the strength of people who believed themselves capable of mastering any topic in an hour.

Emerge is a program to train and mentor Democratic women so they are prepared and confident to run for office. I went through the program in 2007 and remember the first thing I learned there was of the difficulty of recruiting women to run for office. The well-worn adage is that men see a President staring at them in the mirror and women see someone who isn’t even good enough to run for the state legislature. This needs to change.

And we need to make Scott Adams a very, very sad man on November 8th so let’s do this, ladies!

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