“Solar Team or the Trash Team”

02 Oct 2012 10:36 am
Posted by: Donna

In case you missed it, here’s Monday evening’s Corporation Commission debate on Channel 8.

It was fascinating watching the Republican slate pretend to support solar energy, which is an indication that they know it’s hugely popular here. Marcia Busching and sitting Commissioner Paul Newman did a capable job dismantling GOP candidates Susan Bitter Smith, Bob Burns, and Bob Stump over their dishonest posturing on solar energy and support for burning trash as a form of renewable energy. Incumbent Commissioner Sandra Kennedy got a good zinger in about the Solar Team vs. the Trash team.

It was disappointing that KAET host Ted Simons didn’t bring up the Clean Elections violation by the GOP slate and the fine they paid. Nor did the Arizona Republic ed board, in their endorsement of Republicans Burns and Stump along with Democrat Busching on a “split ticket” recommendation, but I expected that. It was just dandy, far as they were concerned, that the GOP team abused the public funding system. Not only that but the Republic ed board says that you should vote for Stump because he’s evolving.

Stump, widely considered the most cerebral current commissioner, demonstrated an impressive willingness to evolve out of his adamant opposition to renewables.

Yeah, all the really smart people object to expanding solar energy in Arizona.

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