Some helpful tips for Thanksgiving from a Diva!

23 Nov 2011 10:15 pm
Posted by: Donna

Happy happy Turkey Day, y’all. I thought I’d share some holiday survival tactics with you guys this evening.

Create perfect Thanksgiving pies. Drive to Costco, select an apple, pecan, and pumpkin pie and pay for them. Then head to Fry’s or Safeway or Bashas for whipped cream and vanilla ice cream.

Argue effectively with your wingnut relatives. Many of y’all aren’t lucky like me. I’ll be feasting with a bunch of commie liberals tomorrow so the conversation will revolve around things like where to get good organic produce in Phoenix and what an appalling collection of dangerous morons the GOP Presidential Primary roster is. Those of you facing the unfortunate predicament of having to chow with your Fox News watching inlaws have a bigger challenge. I feel for you. Luckily, the interwebz provide a wealth of useful sources to help you help your brother in law to a giant cup of STFU.

MoveOn has the Top Five Fox Myths To Debunk This Thankgiving. Short, pithy, and substantiated statements to help you demolish myths about the Occupy Movement and the deficit.

Speaking of the deficit: Economist Dean Baker took NY Times privileged wanker extraordinaire David Brooks to task for falsely conflating Greece’s economic troubles with America’s. This has become a common bleat from the Right and Baker neatly lays out the case for why it’s idiotic and disingenuous to compare the two countries: 1. Greece has chronic structural debt problems that are totally unlike ours. 2. The US is a highly diverse economy (still) and our dollar is protected from inflationary pressures. 3. We have a sovereign currency, unlike Greece, which is a member of the EU. Greece is more analogous to Ohio than it is to the entire U.S.

“47% of Americans pay no taxes!” My suggestion is not to bother with the usual response about how everyone actually does pay a whole host of taxes (sales, payroll, etc). Make your brother in law defend his tax breaks! As I’ve explained here before, the increasing number of households paying no taxes is driven by stagnating wages but also in large part by exemptions and credits to parents. I cited conservative economist Keith Hennessey and here’s the link again: Why do so many Americans pay no income tax?

Fannie and Freddie totally caused the collapse!!1! This lie has been laid to waste by every sentient being who researched the matter for two minutes but it remains an article of faith with conservatives. Mother Jones debunked it, yet again, in response to Michele Bachmann last month:

The origination of subprime loans came primarily from non-bank lenders not covered by the [Community Reinvestment Act, a law pushing the two GSEs to purchase more loans in the secondary markets and thus expand access to housing loans to low-income neighborhoods];

The majority of the underwriting, at least for the first few years of the boom, were by these same non-bank lenders;

When the big banks began chasing subprime, it was due to the profit motive, not any mandate from the President (a Republican) or the Congress (Republican controlled) or the GSEs they oversaw;

Prior to 2005, nearly all of these sub-prime loans were bought by Wall Street—NOT Fannie & Freddie;

In fact, prior to 2005, the GSEs were not permitted to purchase non-conforming mortgages;

The change in FNM/FRE conforming mortgage purchases in 2005 was not due to any legislation or marching orders from the President (a Republican) or the the Congress (Republican controlled). It was the profit motive that led them to this action.

Hope this helps!

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  1. Comment by Timmys Cat on November 25, 2011 8:48 am

    Happy T-day!

    C’mon, does anyone take Bobo seriously anymore? He and Will and Fig Noonan and the rest are like geriatric hoity-toity family members that throw invitation only parties for each other that nobody else gives a damn about. (what they don’t want you to know is that if they don’t keep writing the same crap they won’t be paid to attend)

    Gabby at Davis Monthan! Talk about giving thanks!

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