Stances on “social issues” actually tell you a lot about a politician

25 Sep 2013 03:15 pm
Posted by: Donna

Per Bob Lord at Blog For Arizona:

The mailer likening Gallego to Paula Deen was consistent in style with a series of sleazy attacks from Stewart and his supporters. During the primary campaign, Stewart supporter Mary Rose Wilcox accused Gallego of using the seemingly routine act of taking her husband’s last name as a ploy to deceive CD8 voters into believing she is Hispanic. I called on Stewart to disown Wilcox’s statement. Not only did he refuse to do so, he ultimately used the same attack line in a mailer shortly before the primary.

Gallego was not the only target of the sleazy tactics of Stewart and his supporters. Lawrence Robinson also was slimed during Stewart’s vicious primary campaign.

Bob theorizes that it was Phoenix City Council District 8 candidate Warren Stewart, not his former campaign manager Mario Diaz, who was the real proponent of vicious attacks on his opponents in that race. I can’t say for sure but it’s a reasonable possibility. But the candidate is ultimately responsible for what comes out of his campaign in any event.

At this point it’s fairly obvious that Pastor Stewart is not a good guy and no amount of reminding everyone that he played a pivotal role in getting the MLK holiday implemented 25 years ago will change that. And you know how I knew that all along? He’s anti-choice, that’s how I knew. I’ve been told many a time, often in a derisive tone, that reproductive rights are a “litmus test” for me. Yes, indeed they are! Not just because women’s rights to bodily autonomy are hugely important on their own merits but, as it turns out, a politician’s stance on that issue happens to be a very good litmus test on that politician’s overall character and how they will conduct themselves in office on a variety of other issues.

To believe that women should be compelled by law to continue pregnancies against their will and to support policies that harm, humiliate, prosecute, and deprive women of health care for the “crime” of being sexually active is to have a very large empathy deficit, to say the least. Empathy is the basis of ethics. All the weeping and moaning anti-choice activists do over fetuses is as much to convince themselves they are caring people as it is to fool everyone else. Some pro-choice politicians do turn out to be jerks but, so far in my life, being anti-choice has been the single best predictor that a politician will be one, though being anti-LGBT rights (as Stewart is) is a reliable indicator as well.

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