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14 Dec 2008 04:15 pm
Posted by: Donna

Doug MacEachern made a reasonable argument in his op-ed today.  Too bad he buried it far beneath a faux-victim complex and out-of-context finger pointing at the Democrats. 

The object of his ire was a NY Times editorial: State of Fear. His central thesis – or at least the one I think he meant to have in his piece, since he saw fit to lade it with enough right wing baggage to sink a barge – was that it was unreasonable of the Times to assume that future Gov. Jan Brewer will obediently do the bidding of the anti-immigration nutzoids who proliferate in the Arizona GOP. I don’t necessarily agree with MacEachern’s interpretation of the editorial (it read more as a caution of where the state might be heading than a prediction to me) but he is right when he says:

Republicans as a whole are split nearly down the middle on immigration policy. So, where the woman who personally nominated for president John McCain – the fellow who risked his political career in behalf of comprehensive immigration reform – stands regarding immigration law, I know not.

Fair enough. I can also cede his point when he reminds his readers that people who operate in Manhattan may not be as intimately familiar with the problems of illegal entry as those who live in the border towns of Arizona. At the same time, he shouldn’t assume that NY Times reporters have no clue of whence they speak. For the past several years news organizations from all over the world have been dispatched to Maricopa County to cover gruesome jail conditions and Constitutionally dubious immigration sweeps. The Times had a regional staffer assigned to cover our fine desert hamlet. It’s not like all these people are reporting on this stuff from SoHo lofts. Besides, if Doug is perturbed by all this attention from outside the state he might want to put the blame where it really lies – on a thuggish, arrogant little drama queen of a County Sheriff who never misses an opportunity to get himself on camera and taunt the news media. Arpaio, with his six taxpayer funded PR people (one of whom is devoted to international PR), certainly isn’t shying away from the glare of publicity. He doesn’t give a damn what kind it is, either. It’s all good, as far as the Sheriff Joe Reality Show is concerned. Doug ought to suggest the County cut down on Joe’s promotional budget so that he might be less troubled by all those meanie butt NY liberal media busybodies “dissing” his beloved state.

After he was done sniffing over the dissing, MacEachern got busy flinging poo at New York over stuff that has nothing to do with the topic of immigration:

Two years ago, the Brennan Center for Justice at the New York University law school analyzed all 50 state legislatures and concluded that Albany was “the most dysfunctional” legislative body in the nation.

Basically, the Brennan study found that democracy in New York state amounted to “three men in a room.” That is, decisions impacting citizens of one of the nation’s most populous states were being made almost entirely by the Senate majority leader, the Assembly speaker and the governor.


Space does not allow me to address the rogue’s gallery of New York legislators currently behind bars or under indictment. But suffice to say that New York lawmakers would have no difficulty concluding deals with Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojovich, a Democrat.

And I’ll pass on resurrecting the exploits of a New York governor much favored by the Times editorialists, Eliot Spitzer.

NY legislators of-indeterminate-party-but-let’s-assume-they-are-Democrats with legal troubles!   Blago!   He’s not from New York but whatever!   Blago!  The Times!  Spitzer!  The aforementioned NY Governor who was caught with an unmentioned HOOKER! 

And you knew this shibboleth was coming:

That is how New York came to have the fourth highest state and local tax burden in the country, according to the Tax Foundation’s annual report for fiscal 2008.


Gosh, those uppity Noo Yawkers must be sitting in their lofts crying in their lattes right now.  You sure showed ’em, Doug. 


  1. Comment by Zelph on December 15, 2008 10:37 pm

    Call a Waahmbulance for Grampy McCracker. You’d think with all the layoffs at the Republic, they would have gotten rid of his worthless ass by now.

  2. Comment by Donna on December 15, 2008 11:09 pm

    You’d think, wouldn’t you, Zelph? But I guess he and Rob Robb have some kind of Wingnut Full Employment Plan. Must be nice, huh?

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