Stockholder protest of APS Wednesday morning

19 May 2015 08:08 pm
Posted by: Donna

aps protest

I meant to post this earlier in the week but better late than never. If you are available tomorrow morning at 9:30 (Wednesday May 20) please join some folks at the Heard Museum as they let stockholders at the state’s largest utility company, Arizona Public Service (APS), know how they feel about the company’s underhanded electioneering tactics.

In 2013, APS and its parent company, Pinnacle West first denied and then admitted to using dark money sources to try to convince you that solar energy home installations where bad for Arizona –a charge that is questionable, at best.

Then in 2014, Pinnacle West is thought to have spent, over $3 million of rate-payer-derived funds to elect Corporation Commission candidates that it backed.

The Corporation Commission is the very body that regulates Pinnacle West and, specifically, what it can charge you for electricity. The conflict of interest here is staggering.

If Pinnacle West can spend that kind of money at the Corporation Commission, what can they do to influence your elected officials directly?

What other company or union could secretly over-whelm a local city council or school board election?

This cuts to the core of our democracy.

Join us in our fight in two ways:

1) If you have owned Pinnacle West shares since before March 12th, please vote in support of a resolution, which was put forward by concerned shareholders, and which requires Pinnacle West to disclose how it spends money to influence the public.

Unfortunately, the only way to convince the current leadership of APS is to speak with their bosses, the shareholders.

2) Even if you don’t own shares, we need your support. We are organizing events and public communications leading up to and around the May 20th Shareholder Protest.

After all, Pinnacle West makes money from your monthly payments.

Even if you are an SRP customer like we are. Everyone in Arizona who isn’t a wealthy energy company owner, utility executive, or shady campaign consultant got hosed by their election shenanigans.

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