Substance over tone

18 Jan 2011 11:39 am
Posted by: Donna

I hadn’t been blogging as much as I intended to the past few days because all the talk about “tone” is getting on my last nerve. My mood is not helped by how every Serious Person in DC and Arizona has been pushing the trusty “both sides are guilty” false equivalence.

Newsflash to everyone: It’s not the tone that’s the problem, it’s the lies. The divisive and often violent rhetoric poisoning the airwaves and public discourse has come from one side and is driven by lies. Lies, mostly about the President, told by politicians and pundits who know exactly what they’re doing. Let’s start with the most obvious, and stupidest, lie: President Obama was born in Kenya and therefore is ineligible to be President. His wily parents smuggled him to Hawaii and managed to get birth announcements into two local newspapers. The copy of his birth certificate, which has been freely available on the internet for over two years is a fake. In other words, it’s an idiotic, absurd, irrational belief that should never under any circumstances be indulged by any public figure.


Last year’s infamous Birther Bill was introduced by Rep. Judy Burges who, based on statements she made to reporters, has actual suspicions about the circumstances of President Obama’s birth. Bless her heart. Recall that I posted Rep. Sam Crump’s tweet in August 2009 joking that President Obama was born in Kenya. When pressed about it he said it was a “good question”. I have no doubt that some of the other rabid right wingers in our lege subscribe to the Birther conspiracy to varying degrees. But there are 40 names on that sponsor list. Republicans all. Raise your hand if you think, say, John McComish or Bill Konopnicki are Birthers. Why would smarter and more seasoned legislators like them lend legitimacy to this inflammatory lie about the President? Shame on them.

Yes, there are crackpot conspiracy theories that attact some liberals. But they don’t get the kind of institutional support that conservative ones are getting. No majority Democratic legislature in a blue state has put forth a 9/11 Truther Bill that I’m aware of. The tone nannies and false equivalence pushers in MSM ignore this important distinction at everyone’s peril.

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  1. Comment by JustJoeP on January 21, 2011 4:51 pm

    “Why would smarter and more seasoned legislators like them lend legitimacy to this inflammatory lie about the President? ”

    Simple. It’s Fear. Primaries are driven by extremists, and in AZ that means guano minded tea partyers, who encourage their followers / thralls to “get in the face of your legislator” and “make a scene, get them off guard”. All of the birthers – whether they truly believe it or not – have to sign up for co-sponsorship because they are more afraid of losing their next primary than they are fond of being an upstanding human being. That’s how far our political dialogue has digressed.

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