T-t-talking about generational theft

15 Feb 2009 11:10 am
Posted by: Donna

I’m sort of half watching Senator McCain on CNN with John King as I toodle along on the internets this morning.  I had to pop my head up and arch my delicate Diva brow when King asked McCain if he opposed the billions of dollars that Arizona was projected to get from the stimulus.   Why, of course!  It’s “generational theft” dontchaknow.   He and his seatmate Kyl wrung their hands over this….Oh god now they’re talking about Arpaio.  Like he needs any more attention…..Anyway, Kyl and McCain bemoaned the horror of government spending in their Republic column this morning (link to which is not online for some reason).

According to the Center for Budget Analysis, the stimulus package is adding about $30,000 in new federal debt per American household. We are mortgaging our future. This is generational theft.

There’s that “generational theft” again. I know that sometimes when I discover a new phrase I tend to overuse it but for Kyl and McCain, the level of cognitive dissonance this requires is staggering.

$1.3 trillion for 2001 Bush tax cuts – not generational theft.

$1 trillion for the estate tax repeal – not generational theft.

$600 billion, or $700 billion, or $1 trillion for the Iraq war (depending on which estimate you use) – also not generational theft.

$700 billion in government spending primarily on non-rich and non-defense contractor type people – generational theft!

Generational theft, my foot. This is a ridiculously asinine talking point and needs to be thrown back up at them every time they try it.


  1. Comment by wendy on February 15, 2009 3:00 pm

    Maybe if we spoke to Sens McCain and Kyl in their own language, they might get it. It’s not a stimulus package…it’s a monetary SURGE for the economy. Instead if SURGING with peoples lives in a war we all hate, we are trying to help by SURGING with appropriations and tax cuts instead hence saving peoples’ lives or livelyhood.

  2. Comment by todd on February 15, 2009 6:26 pm

    What is the cost of having a long term depression towards future generations? The thing is the theft they should be bemoaning has already happened and they helped by getting rid of financial regulation.

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