Teach your children well

04 Oct 2016 01:35 pm
Posted by: Donna

So this charming image has gone viral today.

I was thinking about my past involvement in candidate recruitment and training and about how difficult it is to get people to run for office as Democrats in Arizona. Many potentially great candidates resist the idea, citing (legitimate) fears of past mistakes or family skeletons being trotted out against them.

Women especially are petrified of being publicly humiliated, and why not? Look what is happening to the highly qualified woman who is seeking the office of President? Her husband famously cheated on her and this is somehow being turned into evidence of her moral perfidy, while her male opponent’s decades of gross behavior toward wives, female employees, relatives, and his possible rape history seem not to hurt him at all.

Girls are watching this and learning. They’re learning that any mistake they make may haunt them forever in their careers while their male counterparts are forgiven for much, much larger ones. They’re learning if they dare to be public figures and to seek powerful roles they will be savaged for it. Many will opt out of it, resulting in the continuation of low representation of women in elected office and other important positions.

Meanwhile, I’m sure one or both of the boys in that photo – should they grow up to be the kind of men their parents are raising them to be – could easily go on to prosperous careers as politicians.

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