The Arizona Republic has had ENOUGH of your sass about “voter suppression”, missy.

16 Sep 2013 08:34 pm
Posted by: Donna

Bit of unfortunate timing that the Republic’s Monday op-ed appeared in the morning’s paper as we learned of the horrific mass shooting at the Navy Yard in DC that same morning. The headline of the piece is “No, it wasn’t ‘voter suppression,’ so shut your mouth”

Um, okay.

A recall election of state lawmakers in Colorado last Tuesday was supposed to be a referendum on gun control.

Until the results began coming in, it was. The two sponsors of a package of bills enhancing Colorado’s ability to control weapons sales lost their elections to gun-rights advocates, dealing a heavy blow to the national gun-control cause.

But as it became evident the incumbents would be ousted, the subject changed. Suddenly, the issue was no longer gun control, or even Colorado’s tragic recent history with gun violence.

Suddenly the outcome was tainted by accusations of “voter suppression,” according to some on the losing side.

You might wonder what a couple of recall elections in Colorado have to do with Arizona but the op-ed writer is on a roll here.

Arizona has endured just this sort of misplaced rhetoric as it applies to recent election-law changes that Democrats dislike.

It is not voter suppression, for example, to clear mail-in ballot lists of dead people. Or of voters who have not mailed in their ballots in years. Or to ban partisans from collecting and dropping off hundreds of early ballots at a polling place on Election Day, leading to a slow vote count that has those partisans picketing election offices claiming voter suppression.

First, there’s nothing in HB2305 about clearing dead voters off the rolls. That appears to be a bit of “Chicago” dog-whistling there. As for stopping voters from giving their sealed mail-in ballots to people they choose to give them to, what was the motivation for that? Oh yeah, baseless and risible allegations of “voter fraud”. Someone is projecting like an Imax theater here. Or maybe the op-ed writer does give credence to Sen. Kimberly Yee’s claim that she “knows voter fraud is real” because she saw boxes of ballots that Citizens for a Better Arizona and other activist groups had gathered to turn in to the elections department, in which case the op-ed writer is too dumb to breathe let alone opine on election laws.

At the end the editorial descends into hostility and borderline bullying.

It is quite another for national figures who should know better to pop off on matters they know nothing about, but which can have a dramatic effect on trust in the integrity of elections.

My, someone needs a hug. Still smarting over the successful signature drive to refer HB2305 to the ballot, I guess.


  1. Comment by Phoenix Justice on September 17, 2013 4:56 am

    Apparently the op-ed author didn’t realize that it was a very diverse coalition that came out against HB2305 in Arizona, including *gasp* Republicans.

    The problem with conservatives, is that they can’t win on their ideas, so they need to prevent people from voting against those ideas, thus, voter suppression.

  2. Comment by Timmys Cat on September 17, 2013 9:21 am

    Oy yoy yoy what a POS.
    The RepubliPac should either get a refund from the Goldwater Institute for this one or Robbity Robb and his Igor, McHackern, need better interns.

    It is quite another for national figures who should know better to pop off on matters they know nothing about
    First of all WTF is LazyCentral doing writing an opinion about a recall election in Colorado? How can they express a valid opinion (yea yea) about the facts of a Colorado election since they are the f*ing ARIZONA Republic?
    While it may be true it is bitterness expressed by the losers of the election, that does not automatically invalidate their claim. Treating this claim with condescension and contempt is not a valid argument against it. Just a smokescreen from the authors butt.

    Ninthly, comparing an election in Colorado to the legal collection of signatures in >>ARIZONA<< for a ballot measure you disagree with is not just sloppy and lazy, it reveals a sense of desperation on the writers part.
    So is name calling legal voters "partisans" . So is blaming them for an elections system that knows ahead of time a number of signatures are coming their way, but does not adquately prepare for it.

    The editorial bored at AZGop is trying to decide on their next opinion headline.
    It's either:

    "Shut up just because"
    "Woman bring me sammich"

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