The new American Dream. It’s a nightmare.

31 Mar 2011 09:16 pm
Posted by: Donna

You don’t deserve any help at all, as a poor child, because you didn’t pick the right parents.

You shouldn‘t get government subsidized birth control because you shouldn‘t have sex outside of marriage, or sex at all if you are poor.

If you get pregnant, you should have the baby. Because it’s immoral not to.

You shouldn’t get WIC, food stamps, or any other public assistance because you’re poor and had children outside of marriage.

If married and poor, then you have failed to pull yourselves up by your bootstraps and deserve no help.

If you don’t have children and are poor, married or not, you get nothing because you don’t have children. Why are you failing in your duty to produce more consumers and workers?

You don’t deserve a minimum wage because that makes businesses uncompetitive.

Don’t unionize for the same reason. What are you, some kind of commie?

You should gladly accept lower wages so that our betters can create more jobs.

You must go into debt consuming so that our betters can profit and keep the consumer economy afloat.

Work harder! Productivity!

But don’t ask for higher wages. That’s selfish of you.

If you default on your debts it’s because you were irresponsible.

If massive financial institutions default you must cheerfully bail them out with your tax dollars because they are too big to fail, unlike you.

If you become disabled, you should not expect help from the community. Why didn’t you plan for your accident/debilitating illness?

You will retire later and take cuts to your retirement and medical care in old age because your entitlements are a burden on the Masters of the Universe.

Please die quietly in the corner when your time comes. Don’t make a scene.

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  1. Comment by Sheila on April 17, 2011 5:19 pm

    You are always on point…I love it !

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