The price Arizona Republicans are willing to pay to hurt women and the poor.

18 Oct 2010 09:59 pm
Posted by: Donna

From today’s AZ Guardian:

Widespread cuts to AHCCCS services may wind up increasing unplanned pregnancies and abortions in the state.

To help balance the budget, the Legislature and Gov. Jan Brewer eliminated some benefits for the 1.3 million adults on AHCCCS, including physical exams.

But in order to receive pap smears, mammograms, birth control and tests for sexually transmitted infections, among other things, women first need an appointment with a health care professional who can authorize them.

AHCCCS will continue to cover the tests themselves, treatment of the diseases, and prenatal care and delivery, but not the exams required in order for the procedures to be scheduled.

Already, Arizona’s Planned Parenthood clinics are seeing a surge of new patients — 90 women in the first two weeks since the benefits were scrapped Oct. 1.

Arizona Planned Parenthood CEO Bryan Howard said eliminating physical exams bars women from access to tests and services that could save their lives, or prevent unwanted pregnancies.

This was interesting news, juxtaposed as it was with the update from the national Planned Parenthood appearing in my inbox right before it.

Making birth control available at no cost is the single most
important step we can take to reduce the number of unintended
pregnancies. The time has come to provide birth control at no
cost to every woman who wants it.

Today I am asking you to be part of one of the most important
campaigns in Planned Parenthood’s nearly 100-year history:
making prescription birth control affordable and accessible for
all. Join us by signing the Birth Control Matters petition

The United States spends more on health care than any other
industrialized country, and yet we face one of the highest rates
of unintended pregnancies among all developed nations. For far
too long, women’s health has not been a priority. Our system is
failing millions of women, and it’s time for a major change.

The response of Arizona Republicans has been to, pay attention now, cut Arizona women off from access to birth control. Yes, once again, the people who will trip over $27 million in federal funds to “save” $9 million in state funds are all too willing to accept more abortions and more unplanned babies. It’s never been about “life” or fiscal responsibility for Arizona conservatives. It has always been and always will be about their dedication to a toxic ideology of sticking it to women and poor people.


  1. Comment by AZ Mama on October 18, 2010 11:10 pm

    The GOP/tea baggers are running a “culture” campaign to rival Leviticus.

    Jesse Kelly said this evening that he’s flat against abortions in the case of rape or a woman’s life–not an extreme view, he says, it’s American–life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Sounds to my ears that his logic is rape isn’t extreme, it’s American. Bet he makes his woman proud.

  2. Comment by Justine Garcia on October 20, 2010 11:35 pm

    The recent budget cut not only does not surprise me, it weakens my confidence of` seeing a better Arizona anytime soon. A better Arizona would be supporting such services that assist in unexpected pregnancy, would be helping our women from disease. Instead we are subjected to budget cuts and may concern our everyday lives. A better Arizona would also not be cutting our education budget or programs within this school system. Brewer is cutting the budget that concerns Arizona’s future, women’s health, unexpected pregnancy support and student education, these all will affect Arizona’s future in the long run.

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