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22 Dec 2008 12:20 pm
Posted by: Tiffany

It’s been a while since I’ve written.  I’ve had an post-election hangover of sorts and was attempting a news fast.  It hasn’t really worked, but I have cut down significantly.  One thing that has been eating at me, however, is the passage of Prop 8 in California and of 102 here in Arizona.

I have never heard an argument for these propositions that had any basis in law or rational thinking.  Everything I have heard is about religion and morality.  This morning, I read that the hate mongers are doing more than just blocking new same-sex marriages.  They are working to invalidate existing ones:

Supporters of Proposition 8 asked the court in a separate legal brief filed Friday to invalidate the approximately 18,000 same-sex weddings performed before the ban was passed.    

I can’t for the life of me understand how they can justify it in their own minds.  I keep hearing that those pesky gays should just be content with civil unions.  They say that they don’t really NEED marriage.  That’s just for the straights.

Imagine what would have happened to Terri Shiavo if she had, instead of a traditional marriage with a man, a “civil union” with a woman.  That poor woman would still be on feeding tubes, nearly 19 years after the poor woman became brain dead.  Her husband was able to act on her final wishes, which was not to be kept biologically alive on machines after her brain was gone.   During her long years kept alive on life support, her husband Michael was the one who stood up for her last wishes, and her parents and siblings fought tooth and nail.  The legal battle lasted years and went all the way to the governor of Florida’s office, the senate floor and the President of the United States desk.  In the end, the will of this woman was carried out by her husband, against the wishes of her family.  Had this not been a legally recognized marriage, I have no doubt that Michael’s guardianship of Terri would have been overturned.

When people start talking about gay marriage, they often start thinking of things that make them uncomfortable.  What goes where and with whom?  Who’s the boy, who’s the girl?  They are concerned with “traditional roles” and “family values”.  They don’t think of the rights and privileges.  They don’t think about how they would feel if someone suddenly told them they were not allowed to visit their spouse in the hospital.  How they would feel if their spouse died and the family evicted them from the house they shared with their partner.

One argument I hear a lot is “Marriage is for the children – to raise the children properly with one father and one mother.”  Ok, let’s outline this ridiculous argument.  If marriage is only for the children, why are people who cannot or choose not to have children allowed to marry?  Marriage is for baby rearing, right?  So if we are legislating marriage based on ability to procreate, then let’s go ahead and pass a law that no one who has had a vasectomy or a hysterectomy, no one who has gone through menopause, or is infertile in anyway, none of them can marry.  Gay, Bi or Straight, if you can’t reproduce, you can’t be married, preiod.  Suppose you marry and have no children for other reasons.  Any marriage where no child is conceived in the first year is made void and unrecognized.   All of the privileges they enjoyed while married (health insurance, tax benefits, hospital visitation, etc…) are revoked, any previously received benefits must be repaid. All single parents are required to marry someone of the opposite sex to live in their house and help them raise their children, or their children should be taken away and given to a nice married couple to raise.  If you are single because of divorce or death of a spouse, you have a 1-year grace period to find a new partner before the children are taken away.  Obviously, the children would have to go to a couple who have children of their own, since there would be no married couples who did already have kids.

Ridiculous, right?  You can’t just go take away the rights of other human beings!  You can’t legislate who they marry and whether or not they have children!  My point exactly.


  1. Comment by Robert D on December 22, 2008 2:07 pm

    Amen girl! Kudos.

  2. Comment by Donna on December 22, 2008 4:57 pm

    Now Tiffany, let’s not be so rigid. There are many, many properly procreation-minded couples who cannot conceive right away. For them, we reserve the option of $10,000s worth of fertility treatments. At the same time, of course, the use of contraception is deemed “unnatural”, “a sin”, and “a perversion of God’s plan for marriage”.

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