They’re sex fiends.

12 Apr 2011 06:34 pm
Posted by: Donna


I had big plans for this past weekend. I was going to through my clothes. Y’all know what an ordeal that is. “These pants haven’t fit me in six years but if I start going to the gym regularly again…” But then there was this federal budget showdown dealio last week where the GOP was all “we WILL shut this mutha down if we don’t get to be all up in the ladybusiness of the ladies!”

They want to defund Planned Parenthood, and this has been widely (and wrongly) reported as a “showdown over abortion funding”. The Hyde Amendment prohibits federal funding for abortion and Planned Parenthood does not use it for that purpose. Abortions are performed in separate clinics using private funds. Anti-choicers are mostly using a disingenuous and far-fetched fungibility argument – federal funds for birth control and medical exams frees up other money that can be used for abortion. Which is like saying that because a food stamp recipient is getting federal help to buy food they now have more money to buy beer, which means the federal government is buying their beer. Not quite. You still can’t buy beer with a food stamp card and Planned Parenthood cannot use federal funds for abortion.

Our own AZ Rep. Kimberly Yee didn’t bother with the convoluted fungibility argument when she appeared on the Channel 12 Lunchcast today. Toward the end of the segment, she busted right out with the accusation that PP uses federal funds for abortion. Right in front of Bryan Howard, AZ Planned Parenthood President, who promptly corrected her.

Yee explains that her support for all the anti-choice legislative dreck coming out of Center for Arizona Policy is motivated by a deep desire to protect women from the harmful consequences of abortion. Aw thanks, Kimberly. One of the bills (H.B. 2384/S.B. 1265) that passed prohibits state tax credits to any organization that “a) provides, pays for, promotes, provides coverage of or provides referrals for abortions; or b) financially supports any other entity that provides, pays for, promotes, provides coverage of or provides referrals for abortions.” Gosh, what organization might they be targeting with that? Oh yes, the largest provider of contraception and preventive health care to low income women.

So back to me and why my skinny pants remain unmolested in my closet. Because oh my lord the misogynist hordes were out in droves on Facebook this weekend! And I’m telling y’all, it isn’t really about abortion and it certainly isn’t about life for the zealously anti-choice. Believe you me a lot of your neighbors are burning with rage that low income Trampy McSluttersons are not only having unauthorized sex but are totally getting away with it via being provided respectful taxpayer subsidized health care. Since most rank and file anti-choicers aren’t as sophisticated as the trained professional activists in the movement, it never takes long to get them off the “pro-life” script and talking about how they really feel. Press them a little on their positions, ask a couple of open-ended questions, and blam! They forget all about life and babies and have a complete meltdown, screaming about how poor women need to keep their legs closed and stop expecting taxpayers to help pay for their birth control. Which would be an odd position for someone against abortion to take, considering that consistent contraception use prevents abortion. But this isn’t about abortion and definitely is not about life. Or the budget.

I did come across one guy who described himself as a pro-life activist. Also as an environmentalist, a former Democrat, and formerly pro-choice. I’m going to share his comments here because it will become very obvious that even those who have the slick compassionate-sounding professional talking points down pat can’t disguise the anti-contraception and punish-poor-women strain that runs deeply through the anti-choice movement.

Here’s him assuring us of how much anti-choicers now care about poor women, when questioned about why they never seem to care about the baby after it’s born:

Funny, XXXXX…I remember when I was on the side of the pro-choicers it used to be great fun bashing the pro-lifers with what I perceived as their hypocrisy for not having a mechanism to deal with all those babies. Alas, the pro-lifers have finally pulled their heads out over the past year and have been doing a pretty good job of setting up crisis pregnancy centers, early childhood aid, and the like. I have come to believe that what I once thought was hypocrisy was actually just ignorance of how much poverty can suck.

They know poverty sucks now? Great! Maybe they can let our “pro-life” Republican legislators and Governor know about that so they’ll stop gutting programs that keep poor people from falling through the cracks.

[I]f PP was serious in its denials that Fed Funds are not used for abortion …it would spin off the abortion facilities into a seperate organization. Pro-lifers have no moral choice – we believe a fetus IS a human being, and it’s wrong to kill innocent human beings. (Like the qualifier “innocent” :) However, if abortions were handled by a seperate entity, it would be easier to get funding for purely contraceptive / sexual health reasons. Note the medium-sized # of GOP officials who vote for some gay rights issues, because they don’t feel it’s right to impose religion on others, but who also vote against abortion because they can’t get away from the fact that it’s murder.

So GOP politicians would be totally okay with funding PP if only the abortion operation were spun off into a completely separate entity? Awesome! Oh wait, Planned Parenthood already does that, and yet social conservatives still don’t want funds to go to non-abortion services like contraception and Pap smears.

Here he is trying to convince me that opponents of contraception are a tiny fringe in the movement:

Donna, sorry, you’re wrong. The goal of VERY FEW of the anti-abortion movement is no abortion and no contraception. There are SOMEWHAT GREATER numbers of that movement that oppose free contraception to kids, based on the “message it sends”. However, as a bulk, I’d say the majority of the anti-abortion people couldn’t care less about contraception. I know, I work with them all the time. Abortion is the unifying factor across a surprisingly diverse set of groups.

Yeah, a tiny irrelevant fringe, except for all those people who worry about what message free contraception sends to kids. What message would that be, Professional Anti-Choice Talking Points Dude? In case I hadn’t gotten the message the first time about how accepting of contraception the majority of anti-choice activists are:

If abortion is ever banned, the people who want contraception banned will be marginalized.

Right. Because they’re so marginalized now.

Like I said, there are those who think it’s ok to impose their religion on others, and others who just want to protect life. The pro-life movement has both. They are united in their desire to ban abortion. Should that ever happen, the people who don’t care about contraception will evaporate. I’m one of them. I really have no desire to stop people from getting contraception. Indeed, I would fight for people’s right to have contraception. Abortion is a different matter.

Meaning that the “pro-life” movement will be officially anti-contraception should abortion be banned. And because being against birth control is far from a fringe position within that movement there will be plenty of people remaining to move on to the next item on the anti-choice agenda after banning abortion, which is eliminating access to contraception, by legal or effective means. And I have a feeling Dude will be right there with them.

I should qualify it by saying I’m not a big fan of contraception at government expense – at least not Federal government expense. There are exceptions, but we’re no where close to that debate.

He tipped his hand there. Folks, it really is about sex and punishing (certain) women for it.


  1. Comment by Alan Scott on April 15, 2011 5:55 pm


    Money is fungible . Government money can free up other funds for abortion .

  2. Comment by Donna on April 15, 2011 6:07 pm

    Which is you basically acknowledging that “Government money” and “other funds” are not the same thing. And my “rent check” is not the same as my “beer money”.

  3. Comment by Alan Scott on April 16, 2011 5:31 am

    Donna ,

    What I am saying is that the restrictions on money going to planned parenthood are not worth anything .

    You might want to do more cross posting .

  4. Comment by dude on April 16, 2011 8:04 am


    Why don’t we ban contributions to teabagger groups from people who receive social security or unemployment money, or from industries that received bailouts from Bush?


  5. Comment by Donna on April 16, 2011 8:54 am

    Yet somehow the government money going to various faith based organizations, where use of government fund in religious proselytizing, is not fungible. Those groups are able to separate government funds from private funds and everything is okay.

  6. Comment by Alan Scott on April 17, 2011 4:33 am

    dude ,

    ” Why don’t we ban contributions to teabagger groups from people who receive social security or unemployment money, or from industries that received bailouts from Bush? ”

    Go ahead and try it ! What industries do you mean ? You guys sure hate the Tea Partyers , right ? All they want is for Government to live with in it’s means . You big welfare types got a problem with that ? Oh that’s right you don’t pay the taxes, so you do not care !

    Liberals are the most generous people in the world with other people’s money, don’t cha think ? Wait, you don’t .

  7. Comment by dude on April 18, 2011 9:38 am

    wow Alan I must have really struck a nerve there.

    Maybe you don’t like being reminded how you don’t have a job despite worshipping the free market.

    Anyway, let me explain the PP thing like this:

    You live off your father’s union pension and social security money. In the midst of yelling at you to clean the damn basement because how can you stand to sleep in that creepy Ayn Rand bedspread that’s definitely never been washed, he also yells at you for donating the money he gave you for career counselling to FreedomWorks PAC.

    “But Dad,” you whine, “The money I donated to our Galtian overlords wasn’t your money, it was money I got from my last unemployment check and from selling Mom’s jewelry to Goldline!”

  8. Comment by Alan Scott on April 18, 2011 6:28 pm

    dude ,

    Wow , it’s like read my biography . I bet a lot of good people are without jobs and living in basements since your vote put that worthless piece of debris into the White House . Tell me just when do the green jobs kick in ? Any day now ?

    So why is it that you hate people who have achieved success ? Don’t have what it takes to make it in the world without taking handouts from Uncle Obama ? No ambition ? Only have a public school education ?

  9. Comment by dude on April 18, 2011 7:48 pm


    I love America and all of its hardworking people.


  10. Comment by Alan Scott on April 19, 2011 4:34 am

    dude ,

    You love all of them except the ones who made it . The ones who invested and saved and worked their asses off to get somewhere in life . Those are the ones you hate because in the race of life they left you far behind . You and Obama must punish them for that because they hurt your self esteem .

  11. Comment by Donna on April 19, 2011 9:25 am

    Yeah, that Obama guy. Where’s he gotten in life? What a slacker.

  12. Comment by Alan Scott on April 19, 2011 2:33 pm

    Donna ,

    You should hate him cause he’s rich . I dislike him for all kinds of reasons . Since he believes rich people like him should pay more , why doesn’t he ? Why does he take all of his tax deductions ? Why not lead by example ? Why doesn’t he hate himself ?

    I wish I could be famous for writing my auto biography . That is pretty much how he got rich before he was President . I wish somebody else would pay for me to go to Harvard .

  13. Comment by Donna on April 21, 2011 6:02 pm

    Alan, that is just sad.

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