Things in Ahwatukee that make you go hmm…

16 Oct 2009 07:12 pm
Posted by: Donna

A commenter to Sarah Fenske’s piece in the New Times who calls himself “Ahwatukee” and claims to be a member of the Ahwatukee Village Planning Committee insists that Sal disclosed his land holdings on the Gila River Indian Community at their February meeting.

Actually, Donna, I’m on the VPC in Ahwatukee and he came to the meeting right after he was appointed and he told us about the property as well. I don’t know how many times a candidate is required to disclose, or in how many forums, but I think the record shows that he wasn’t making any effort to hide it. If he were, why would he put it in his financial statement for everyone to see?

Now, this could be some random knob Sal supporter who is pretending to be someone he isn’t or he could be an actual member of the VPC. I admonished him for posting anonymously to discuss the doings at the committee and he and I went back and forth about that a bit in the comments section. But I was curious so I got a copy of the minutes of the Feb 23 meeting:

Newly appointed Councilman Sal DiCiccio introduced himself and laid out his plan for the district and city during the economic downturn. Councilman DiCiccio urged the committee to create advisory groups to report on the Loop 202 and to get the Pecos Community Center kitchen for the senior groups up and running.

Nothing about disclosure of his land leases in that. But I’ll grant that he may have mentioned it in passing and the person taking the minutes didn’t think it important enough to include.

Thing is, IF “Ahwatukee” is telling the truth, then that would mean that the quorum of members of the committee present and any members of the public in attendance would have heard Sal’s disclosure. That would mean that if the VPC acted on Sal’s suggestion to form advisory groups or anything he wanted them to do regarding the 202, they would have done so with the full knowledge of his financial interest.


I’ll keep y’all posted.

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