This is exactly how it started with Arpaio

06 May 2011 06:01 pm
Posted by: Donna

A facebook friend made the astute observation today that the Valley news media have been giving Pinal County Sheriff Babeu the same kind of fawning, obsequious coverage they had given Sheriff Arpaio for years. This uncritical reporting, which at times was difficult to distinguish from outright PR flacking, helped enable Arpaio to run a massively fraudulent operation with impunity until the sheer scale of his mendacity was too much for even the Republic to tolerate.

Arpaio is yesterday’s boy band, though, as the news fanboys and girls have fallen hard for this new heartthrob, Babeu. When Sheriff McDreamboat drops a press release or stages a photo op, they come a-runnin’.

The Pinal County Sheriff got new eye scanners! Squee!!

The scary thing to ponder here is that Babeu is a helluva lot more telegenic than his aged mentor. If we thought the celebrity worship of Arpaio was sickening we might need to brace ourselves for how much worse it might get.

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