Tom Horne, concern troll.

03 Sep 2009 10:04 pm
Posted by: Donna

When President GHW Bush addressed the nation’s public school students back in 1991, the Democrats, as political parties are wont to do, made a fuss and accused him of campaigning in the classroom. As far as I know the speech still went on and no children were traumatized or brainwashed. When it was announced that President Barack Obama was going to make a speech to American public school students, the GOP made a fuss, as political parties are wont to do. No big deal.

Then there’s our own Superintendent of Public Ed, Tom Horne, who sent round this totally non-partisan missive to school officials:

“An important part of educating students is to teach them to read and listen critically,” Horne said in the email. “The White House materials call for a worshipful, rather than critical approach to this speech.”

Which, you know, would be fine for Tom to say if he were Randy Pullen. Stupid and wrong, but consistent with what you’d expect from a political operative. I guess it’s too much to expect the elected official in charge of the schools not to succumb to the urge to use his position to intimate that the Muslim Communist Kenyan Usurper wants to shoot liberal ju ju rays into the minds of your innocent babes and make them want single payer health care and to join ACORN and whatnot. Yeah, I guess it’s too much to ask. I suppose it’s also too much to ask that local school districts don’t give in to teabaggers demanding that the Kenyan Usurper be banned from talking to the students. That would be awful nice of them since he’s, you know, the actual President of the United States and all.

As it is, President Obama merely wants to encourage kids to study hard and stay in school. Of course, if he really wanted to promote his pet economic policies it’s not like there isn’t precedent for that:

Today, to a degree never before seen in human history, one nation, the United States, has become the model to be followed and imitated by the rest of the world. But America’s world leadership goes well beyond the tide toward democracy. We also find that more countries than ever before are following America’s revolutionary economic message of free enterprise, low taxes, and open world trade. These days, whenever I see foreign leaders, they tell me about their plans for reducing taxes, and other economic reforms that they are using, copying what we have done here in our country.

I wonder if they realize that this vision of economic freedom, the freedom to work, to create and produce, to own and use property without the interference of the state, was central to the American Revolution, when the American colonists rebelled against a whole web of economic restrictions, taxes and barriers to free trade. The message at the Boston Tea Party — have you studied yet in history about the Boston Tea Party, where because of a tax they went down and dumped the tea in the Harbor. Well, that was America’s original tax revolt, and it was the fruits of our labor — it belonged to us and not to the state. And that truth is fundamental to both liberty and prosperity.

That was none other than President Ronald Reagan, addressing middle school students in 1988. IOKIYAR.

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  1. Comment by todd on September 4, 2009 4:33 pm

    Oh but this is different because Obama is a secret communistsocialistfascist and Reagan wasn’t, you see.

    I don’t think for a second that Horne actually believes what he is saying, but is just trying to get in the good graces of the wackos who seem to be running his party. I hope he gets all he deserves for courting their vote.

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