Tomorrow is a big day!

07 Nov 2011 09:37 pm
Posted by: Donna


We’ve been moving all weekend so I didn’t have a chance to post and I’m exhausted from it all so I don’t have the energy to opine about everything (and it’s quite a lot) going on in AZ. But allow me to take this moment to express hope and confidence that the following will happen tomorrow:

Greg Stanton gets elected Mayor of Phoenix – A boon for the fifth largest city in the U.S. and, at risk of sounding Maricopa County-centric here, a badly needed shot in the arm for Arizona Democrats.

Senate President Russell Pearce recalled and replaced by Jerry Lewis – Lewis is a conservative Republican who agrees with Pearce on most issues so it won’t change the makeup of the Legislature. But Pearce is a neo-Nazi sympathizing wife beater in addition to that so good riddance. And well done to all the people involved with the recall, who believed in the cause from the very beginning, despite the naysayers.

Jonathan Rothschild elected Mayor of Tucson – A good man with a good plan.

Elsewhere in the nation:

Ohio Issue 2 repeals SB5 with a majority “no” vote – Ohio Senate Bill 5 (2011) “will impact the state’s 400,000 public workers, restricting their ability to strike and collectively bargain. As it stands, the bill would only permit public employees to collectively bargain for wages, preventing them from collectively bargaining for health insurance and pensions. It would also prohibit all public employees from striking and could increase employee contributions for pensions and healthcare.”

Mississippi Measure 26 defeated – Would bestow legal personhood upon fertilized eggs. Stupidosity extraordinaire and could pose horrifying consequences to women if enacted.

There are many, many other races in Arizona and elsewhere I didn’t mention that are very important too. I hope they all go the right way. Tomorrow is a big day.


  1. Comment by Timmys Cat on November 8, 2011 3:22 pm

    Stammerin’ Jan had an election a while ago, she just doesn’t recall it. Does that count too?
    Gawd, speaking of Stammerin” Jan, if you shake that womans head she sounds like a can of spray paint.

    Ahhh, Russell (I know nuthink!) Pearce. A true patriot (toot-too-too) who enlists his family to get a dazzlingly confused proxy on the ballot to siphon off the….wait for the irony.. Hispanic voters of his district. Both of them. Must be them outside agitatin’ Mormons got him runnin sceered. Needs all that money from right wing super PACS to balance the undue influence of them outsiders. (outside his house).

    Of course the Geriatric Old Prostate Party is going to womp on the wimmin folk. Can’t be solving unemployment, debt crisis, Iran, or immigration!. Oh no, gotta demonize one section of society to distract from their failures. I say if were going to absurd medical lengths to prove a dogma, then ejaculation is the…ahem..fountain of life, so to speak. Man, the trolls would really have to wash their hands of Cheeto dust so the PeePee police couldn’t prove anything.

    O my, good to be back. So much snark, so little time.

  2. Comment by Timmys Cat on November 13, 2011 10:06 am

    Sure you libs had a big day, but at least Stammerin’ Jan has protected our state from that evil Mathis!
    Our GOP overlords are looking out for our rights.
    (furgit you lefts}

    Whenever I see Brewski on the toob, I’m always reminded of those soldier nutcracker thingies at Christmas. YAWYAWYAWYAW.

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