“Tracy Porter’s interception was totally SOCIALIST!”

08 Feb 2010 11:39 am
Posted by: Donna

Heartfelt congratulations to the New Orleans Saints and to the folks in Louisiana for last night’s exciting and well-deserved win. Geaux Saints, and Laissez les bon temps rouler!

Can nothing be untouched by politics? The Tebow ad had already stirred up pre-game partisan controversy but it was at least (tangentially it turned out) about a hotly debated topic in politics, abortion. But some people can’t even let you pick a favored team to win the game without turning it into a reason to be a preening, pontificating jagoff. Troy Nelson writes for a blog called American Thinker and, apparently, spends a lot of time thinking about how hard it is out there for a white dude and why can’t those whiny brown-skinned disaster victims shut up already?

Shiftiness notwithstanding, I think President Obama’s answer is simpatico with this generation’s elevation of “victimology” and symbology above all else. Rather than focusing on the teams playing the game the rooting has been transferred to the more “deserving” team by proxy of their suffering fans. The Saints represent their fans which represent New Orleans which represents Katrina which represents victims of a storm event… which happened five years ago. See, the choice should be easy.

What happened to the days of pulling for organizations, teams, and players whom best demonstrate the virtues of team work and heart and will power? Who overcome the challenges of a determined opponent on the level playing field of competition? Of blood, sweat, and tears? I guess in our coddled, emasculated, socialist society any overt demonstration or celebration of these qualities is offensive, too Darwinian, too Randian, too capitalistic.

There’s nothing wrong with having a sentimental favorite, of pulling for the underdog. Who doesn’t sometimes pull for the David – the guy or team that’s not the BMOC (Big man on campus)? I do, when they earn it, when they overcome by the honest “capitalist” traits listed above. When did the Spock philosophy overtake the game? “The hopes of the many outweigh the hopes of the few.”

As Obama expressed, socialists and bleeding hearts have warped even sports and rooting into a meritocracy based on sympathy that often has nothing to do with the teams themselves but what they represent externally to the game. Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts don’t have a serious sympathy card to play. Sure, they can try to play up the angle of their rookie wide receiver and Haitian native Pierre Garçon as a “beacon for Haitians” but the Saints trump this with an entire city of victims. Advantage Saints.

That’s funny because I thought the Saints made it to the Super Bowl by “winning football games”, which I’d always thought was the most apt demonstration of the virtues of teamwork and heart and willpower in football. Seriously though, why would a manly capitalist like Troy even take an interest in football since players are unionized? They also have that pansy affirmative action un-meritocratic draft system. Honestly, I don’t know how conservative dudes can even watch pro football and risk the gay commie girl cooties infection they might catch from it.

Because Troy is such a strong believer in white power meritocracy, he rooted for the Colts.

If I do watch I just might have to pull for the master-of-his-craft tall white guy QB and the Colts. How capitalistic of me, how unsympathetic, how un-Barryish. I’m ashamed… not!

That worked out well, didn’t it? I notice there are no comments to Troy’s blog post after Saturday. Wonder why that is?


  1. Comment by Timmys Cat on February 8, 2010 12:16 pm

    risk the gay commie girl cooties infection they might catch from it.

    Oh my, Yes!

    However, I think you touched upon the elephant in the room. Not much of a pro footballer, but this did kind of have a smell of “us” versus “them.”
    I’m sensing the rambuctious exhuberance and “We’re back!”of “them” before
    the game isn’t sitting well.

    “Us” lost.

  2. Comment by Timmys Cat on February 8, 2010 1:50 pm

    Bit of a follow up on a previous post.
    Consumer war?

    (hope this works)

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