Tuesday Energy Blogging: AZ Chamber of Commerce wants to do it BP style

23 Jun 2010 12:05 am
Posted by: Donna

They likes them a “pro-business regulatory environment”.

“We look forward to Brenda Burns joining Commissioner Pierce on the Corporation Commission,” Hamer said. “Both are proven advocates for a regulatory environment that encourages investment and attracts jobs.”


regulatory capture

reg·u·la·to·ry cap·ture


industry regulators serving industry: an economic situation in which regulators serve the interests of industry rather than the interests of consumers or the environment

Rate payers? The air we breathe and the water we drink? Pfft!

Say, isn’t it ever so interesting how they enthusiastically endorsed SB1070 backer Gary Pierce? He, of that letter to LA Mayor Villaraigosa threatening to cut off California’s power that went viral? Does this mean the Chamber is officially no longer “neutral” on SB1070?


  1. Comment by Truth08 on June 24, 2010 3:58 pm

    Just found out they are backing Brewer, for the Gov’s race??

    This must have something to with Az Chamber’s secret handshake deal with Sen Pearce, prior to passing his “papers please” law.

    Go figure?? The Chamber approve of shutting down up 10% of Az’s economy and still continue to back it??


  2. Comment by Truth08 on June 25, 2010 7:24 am

    Flip flopping today??

    They should of thought this threw, BEFORE, they gave Pearce the go ahead nod!!

    You think??



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