Tuesday Energy Post: Hey, at least I’m not quoting Yanni.

18 Jan 2011 11:01 pm
Posted by: Donna

As a matter of fact, I’m quoting Raffi, the famous Canadian children’s entertainer.

In a well known Greek myth, the very rich King Midas, who loves gold above all else, is granted his singular wish that everything he touches turn into gold. The gift becomes a curse when his golden touch kills plants, food, and even his daughter, who is turned into a statue. Bereft and repentant, forsaking greed, the king begs for deliverance. His curse is lifted by a wash in the river. All he holds truly precious is restored.

The modern version of the story is about a gold rush called globalization, a monetized world order that commodifies everything and poisons all that it touches: air, water, soil, whales, indigenous cultures, mothers’ milk, and babies, now born with a body burden of toxic chemicals. Money, as symbolic reward for goods and services, when elevated above all else, becomes a curse. The symbol turns tyrant and casts a plague on the living. We’re currently in the atonement chapter of the tragedy, praying we have time to write a happier ending.

But despite the best efforts of climate scientists and environmentalists to explain the dangers of climate inaction, political response is slow, most people don’t get the seriousness of the issue. CO2 emissions aren’t falling, they’re rising.

As y’all know I’m a childless curmudgeon. Far as I’m concerned what happens to this Earth after I’m worm food is literally of no personal consequence to me. I’m not leaving any progeny of mine behind to deal with it. I will die with a clean conscience on that score. The same cannot be said for climate change denialists who are also parents.

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