Tuesday was “Ladies, Republicans hate you” day.

05 Jun 2013 11:19 am
Posted by: Donna

So there was a Senate hearing on sexual assault in the military. And Senator Jeff Sessions(R-AL) was there, blaming rape on porn.

“We live in a culture that’s awash in sexual activity,” he said. Sexual images, he said, are sold on bases or off base but nearby. “It creates some problems, I think.”

Remember that wingnuts have great difficulty distinguishing consensual sexytimes from rape which is why they are forever doing things like redefining rape in Congressional bills. These are not people you should trust with “exceptions for rape and incest” (looking at you, Jeff Flake) and, sadly, they are proving themselves to be largely worthless in addressing rape in the military. Thank goodness for the lady Senators on the panel.

Sen. Saxby Chamblis was there as well.

“The young folks who are coming into each of your services are anywhere from 17 to 22 or 23. Gee whiz, the hormone level created by nature sets in place the possibility for these types of things to occur. So we’ve got to be very careful how we address it on our side,”

Rachel Maddow was on this, providing several examples of sexual assaults committed by service members in their 40s and over. Chambliss also repeated a ridiculous claim that was common when I served in the Navy 20 years ago.

The Georgia Republican recalled that “several years ago when we had the first females go out on an aircraft carrier, when they returned to port, a significant percentage of those females were pregnant.”

Women had already been serving alongside men on tender ships for years prior to the integration of destroyers and carriers in the early 90s. Yes, there were, and are, hookups and relationships among some of the sailors, as is bound to occur when young adults are put together in an environment. Yes, a handful of pregnancies will occur on long deployments. But “a significant percentage”? Urban legend. But once again, here’s a conservative confused about the difference between consensual sex and rape. I don’t even know what to say about Chambliss’ expressing the desire that all pregnant servicewomen should have the circumstances of their pregnancies investigated. Yowie.

Worth noting is how Sessions and Chambliss seem to be unaware of the existence of male sexual assault victims. Let’s just let that speak for itself. Also worth noting is how Sen. John McCain showed real leadership at the hearing. He didn’t spin stupid theories about rape but instead expressed outrage about the incidence of assault and a commitment to dealing with it. Unfortunately, he followed that up by saying that women shouldn’t join the military.

Ladies got special GOP attention on Tuesday at another hearing. An all-male panel in the House moved Trent Franks’ signature bill (about guess what?) forward.

All six Republicans on the panel voted in favor of the amendment to expand the bill nationwide. They argued that fetuses can feel pain after 20 weeks of pregnancy, a claim that is medically disputed, and suggested that the Supreme Court might eventually come around to their side on the abortion issue. Franks challenged the notion that his bill is part of what the Democrats have called a Republican “war on women.”

Late-term abortions “have been happening hundreds of times every single day for decades in America,” he said. “Those who incomprehensibly call trying to change this a ‘war on women’ overlook the fact that roughly half of these babies that are so torturously killed each day are just little tiny women.”

I want to soak my brain in Clorox nearly every time I read something that guy says. Franks and the rest of the Republicans on the panel are on record wanting women with hopelessly deformed fetuses to be forced to give birth to them. No exceptions for the woman’s health in the bill either, since they know bitches be lying all the time about their “health” to get those sweet late term abortions.

Finally, Republican Governor Phil Bryant of Mississippi was taking place in one of those corporate/media education reform thingies when he was asked why the state of American education was so “mediocre”. Because ladies, duh.

“Do you want me to tell the truth?” he asked at a Washington Post Live panel. The downward slide began when “both parents started working, and the mom is in the work place.” (It’s a very common arrangement these days.) He added that while it is not a mother’s responsibility to teach children to read, both parents used to have more free time to spend with children.

That Republican outreach to women is going really well.

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  1. Comment by Mike Slater on June 10, 2013 12:41 pm

    Ho Hum. More liberal tripe.

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