Twas the night before Xmas, and I feel like Santa drove his sleigh over me

24 Dec 2009 05:41 pm
Posted by: Donna

See, what happened was, I was walking along minding my own business when I tripped on something. I broke the fall with my face. Because I am made of mostly durable rubber, I didn’t break anything and sustained no concussion. I did, despite my best efforts with hydrogen peroxide, develop a nasty infection where I scraped the side of my forehead. A small cut near the corner of my eye got so filled with infection that the left side of my face swelled to twice it’s normal size.

Yes, my face is full of pus. Enjoy your yams.

Mark had been helpfully suggesting that I go see a doctor from the onset of the incident. “Donna, you should really get that looked at and I think you might need stitches.” “Pshaw!”, I scoffed, ever the sunny optimist that my DIY ministrations would succeed in ejecting the bacterial invaders from my injury. This morning I had to acknowledge, grudgingly, that Smartypants McBrainiac was right and it was time to trudge my swollen-headed self to the urgent care. I’m currently what you’d call “health insurance-challenged” so this caused me no small amount of trepidation.

Thanks to the fine folks at Advanced Urgent Care at 24th Ave. and Dunlap, I am on the mend. Hopefully. The doctor (a wonderful gentleman named Jeffrey Larson) told me if it doesn’t get better I may need a trip to the hospital for IV antibiotics. Keep your fingers crossed. He also admonished me that I should have gone to the urgent care right after it happened for stitches. Too late for that now so I have a gaping slash near the corner of my eye. I’m hoping it will heal into a jaunty little scar. The best part came when I got the bill for my services. When I got there they signed me up for a discount program called ValueCard that took more than half off the cost of my visit. Huzzah! My prescriptions were available as generics. Double Huzzah!!

The moral of my cautionary Christmas eve tale, Diva reindeers, is that when your face is bleeding and a person in your life whom you know to be smarter than you tells you that you should get it looked at, you should listen.

Edit to add: Merry Christmas to all.


  1. Comment by Italiana on December 24, 2009 5:55 pm

    Oh, Diva, I ALWAYS listen to my attorney. ;) Glad you’re on the mend, however, and I hope you and Mark have a wonderful Christmas!

  2. Comment by Eli_Blake on December 25, 2009 10:30 pm

    That sounds like a great program.

    But if it’s getting any state funding, better keep it out of sight of the legislature.

  3. Comment by Simon says: on December 26, 2009 10:37 am

    I’m not sure that Mark is smarter. I’d say it’s a tie and I’m certain he would say you have the advantage. Happy holidays.:)

  4. Comment by Mike in Tucson on December 26, 2009 6:55 pm

    After all is well, if there is a scar, tell everyone you received the scar while practicing fencing for the next Olympics. Or it is a battle scar left from past political battles. (and the other guy looks worse).
    Good luck.

  5. Comment by Timmys Cat on December 28, 2009 8:48 am

    EEKS! How awful!
    Please don’t be messing around with infections on your face, especially near your eyes. If it wanders into your sinuses, it can be dangerous.

    Since I’m a cat I’ll be catty. Tell Mark he has to buy you something nice or you’ll tell everyone he did this to you. Meow!

  6. Comment by Appleblossom on December 29, 2009 11:39 pm

    My smarter than me person told me to go to the ER when I was having a bit of a medical problem. I told him I could not afford the $1000 bill. I was lucky though and did not die.

  7. Comment by Dana on December 31, 2009 9:30 am

    I hope you are healing OK, and this just disturbs me down to the core!!!! I am sorry that you are going through this difficult time and don’t have access to affordable healthcare. Even more disturbing is you are a VETERAN! You served our country and if you need stitches you should be able to get them and now worry about how to pay for them.
    I hope you share your story with your US Senators office and ask them why they are dead set against healthcare reform!

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