Wake up, Kathleen. Republicans are the problem.

05 Dec 2011 10:07 pm
Posted by: Donna

Arizona Republic columnist Kathleen Ingley’s Sunday op-ed “Wake up, Arizona (We’ve got problems)” correctly identified many of the problems plaguing our state – crazy reputation due to crazy behavior and rhetoric by prominent Arizona figures, idiotic fiscal and economic policies, and the intentional gutting of education from pre-school to university level.

I had Kathleen’s back at the beginning:

Arizonans have become masters at throwing the covers over their heads. Over and over, they close their eyes to the tough issues. As if all those cold realities, from an out-of-whack state budget to lagging student scores, might magically go away.

No more hitting the snooze button. The new Arizona Directions 2012 report, laying out data and critical issues, should be the final wake-up call.

The report, a joint project of Arizona State University and the Arizona Community Foundation, was presented at the Morrison Institute’s annual State of Our State gathering Wednesday in Phoenix.

Back in the summer of 2009, when the Legislature failed to meet the budget deadline, I met a nice woman down at the Capitol. She was a pink-slipped teacher who told me she voted R down the whole ticket every election and “had no idea how crazy they are!” I can forgive the pink-slipped teacher for her lack of attention to her representatives but I cannot forgive Kathleen Ingley (much as I usually like her work) for this:

Wake-up call: The state Legislature is more and more divorced from the views of the average Arizonan.

Just 27 percent of Arizonans in the Merrill/Morrison poll are satisfied with state government. No wonder. Most legislative districts are so dominated by one party that the general election is meaningless. The real decision is made in highly partisan primary contests, which favor more extreme candidates.

It’s time to adopt open-primary elections in which candidates compete, regardless of affiliation, for two slots in the general election. The idea has support from 58 percent of Arizonans, according to the poll.

The bulk of her column reads as a straight indictment of conservative kookiness and craptacular GOP policies but in this section Kathleen simply had to play the Both Sides Are Equally BadTM game and shill for top-two primaries. Really, Kathleen? That’s your takeaway from all this? That is unbelievable.

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  1. Comment by Timmys Cat on December 6, 2011 12:59 pm

    There would be alot more money for other things if the Obama Administration and everyone else would quit suing the state for laws our bipartisan government pukes u…um,enacts. Ever think of that smarty pants?.
    Plus if there were no Dimmocrats the legislature wouldn’t have to hold closed door sessions to make sure the right kind of people benefit.
    More lawsuits before activist judges!
    Don’t get me started on teachers unions! Unions Uholy, eh,eh?


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