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25 Oct 2011 06:50 pm
Posted by: Donna

First off, let me make a slight correction to yesterday’s post. It wasn’t Wes Gullett’s campaign itself that sent out the offensive mailer suggesting that being endorsed by a LGBT organization was a bad thing. It was those class acts and princes among men over at the AZ GOP who were responsible for it.

As I reminded y’all last night: Wes Gullett has publicly courted LGBT voters in his campaign. He participated in the Equality Arizona Candidate Forum in April and said he supported civil unions, anti-bullying efforts, and safe, gender neutral restrooms for transgender residents. But Greg Stanton is a much stronger supporter of equality (including full marriage rights) so he got Equality AZ’s endorsement. Here’s something else I just learned, via my friend Kenny who emailed me the letter to the editor he sent to the Republic.

Although I won’t be voting in the Phoenix mayoral election in November, an issue has recently arisen in the race between Wes Gullett and Greg Stanton that makes me very angry, and it should anger every fair-minded voter in Phoenix, too.

The AZ Republican Party recently sent out mailer in support of Wes Gullet. In that mailer, the AZ GOP attacks Mr. Stanton for receiving a couple of endorsements, one from the ALF-CIO, and another from Equality Arizona. From the Equality Arizona ‘about’ webpage: “Equality Arizona is a statewide political advocacy organization, working at the state capitol and in communities across Arizona to advance lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) equality.”

Is the AZ GOP aware that Wes Gullett had a booth at Phoenix Gay Pride this year? Is the AZ GOP aware that Wes Gullett himself was manning his booth at least part of the time? (I know; I was there; I spoke with Wes Gullett.)

Does Wes Gullett believe it’s appropriate for the AZ GOP to be attacking Greg Stanton for receiving the endorsement of Equality Arizona? If “yes,” then why did Mr. Gullett have a booth a Phoenix Gay Pride?

Yet again, hypocrisy thy name is Republican!

Kenny Jones
Litchfield Park-ish

I was at Pride too but didn’t see Gullett’s booth. Yeah, I also wonder if the AZ GOP was aware Gullett’s participation in the event and if Gullett is cool with his party trolling for the homophobic bigot vote on his behalf.

Here’s the flyer, in case you haven’t seen it yet:


It would be LOL funny if not for the bigotry, from the misspelling of “endorse” to Gullett’s list of politician endorsements. Maybe there’s a voter somewhere in Phoenix who will think, “Fife Symington? Alrighty then, sign me up for Wes Gullett!”, but I doubt it.


  1. Comment by Tom Prezelski on October 26, 2011 3:16 am

    Funny how some of the folks who helped pay for this mailer were also behind the push to make elections in Tucson non-partisan.

  2. Comment by Phoenix Justice on October 26, 2011 11:04 am

    Was Mr. Gullett going for the bear vote?

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