We’re goin’ to Denver!

27 Apr 2008 07:58 pm
Posted by: Katie

Six, count ’em, six of your Dem Diva bloggers are headed to Denver as pledged delegates. Woo hoo!!! Oh, and Donna, we outnumber you (but we love you anyway).


  1. Comment by ademlament on April 28, 2008 5:23 pm

    Congrats to you all! Donna don’t worry, Obama delegates will out number everyone else at the convention.

  2. Comment by Krista on April 29, 2008 8:38 am

    Congratulations! We’re living vicariously through you, so you’ll have to give us lots of details :)

  3. Comment by Donna on April 29, 2008 8:28 pm

    Okay, Katie, so I’m the token non-Clinton Emerge AZ delegate. But I’ve got just one thing to say to all of you:

    Official Headwear Of The Arizona DNC Delegation:

    The Obama-brero! :)

  4. Comment by VWgal on April 30, 2008 10:06 am

    I am super excited about Denver! WOO HOO!

  5. Comment by Dana on May 5, 2008 8:33 pm

    Sorry I have been MIA will make time to blog tonight

  6. Comment by Dana on May 5, 2008 8:34 pm

    Oh, BTW, congrats to you Katie. So glad you are going now I feel less guilty about winning at the district level

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