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26 Jul 2016 01:20 am
Posted by: Donna


I haven’t been able to post in several days because (IRONICALLY!) Democratic Diva had been hacked. So I haven’t been able to address this DNC email hacking thing until now. It appears to be Russian instigators trying to help Trump get elected to benefit Putin, aided by Wikileaks, (wonderful bunch of guys who like to do things such as defending Milo Yiannopolous (google him if you don’t know), endangering Turkish women needlessly, and allegedly being actual rapists) by stealing DNC emails and releasing them just prior to the start of the Democratic National Convention.

The emails became the dominant story of the first day of the convention and provided more grist for Bernie Sanders’ supporters already convinced that the DNC orchestrated massive election theft, in collusion with multiple state election departments, including ones run by Republicans, on behalf of Hillary Clinton. What they revealed was a bunch of trash talking (as politicos are wont to do I know SHOCKING RIGHT??) by DNC people who clearly disliked Bernie Sanders (SHOCKINGLY!), with one particularly damning email proposing attacking Bernie’s possible atheism (which would be vile and bigoted and did not appear to be acted on). The fact that Russians appear to be trying to manipulate our elections should be the focus of the story (because that’s horrifying) but, no, the MSM desperately wanted a floor fight the first night of the convention.

My friends who are at the convention tell me that pockets of people were booing and acting like jerks but overall things went fine and the evening speech lineup was superb – Al Franken, Cory Booker, Elizabeth Warren, Michelle Obama, Bernie Sanders. I anticipate that things will only get better as the week goes on, the party will fully unite, and Hillary will get a bump.

And this has to happen now because this is already happening:

When a woman got the last seat that this man wanted, he starts yelling “Sit down c**t”,” before he continues to call her a “beached whale.” He then turns back to his friend and yells “Donald Trump 2016!”

His friend tries to get the man to stop talking, saying, “stop it, enough,” but it clearly wasn’t for the angry Trump supporter.

The man slams his foot down like a child and points at the woman sitting in the seat, yelling “Put them back in the f*****g fields where they belong.”

‘That’s enough,” his companion repeats.

“You’ve revealed exactly who you are,” says the woman who got the seat.

I’ve had various Trump supporters and Bernie-or-Busters and Jill Stein supporters insist that Trump isn’t really that dangerous, that he doesn’t really mean it, that he won’t be that bad. Maybe it’s true that Trump doesn’t believe the things he says, but other people do. That’s why he says them, because some people are responding very favorably. Trump’s success in the GOP primary has validated their angry bigotry and given some of them permission to act on it. Imagine how emboldened they’d feel if he won the general.

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