What would make AZ Republicans eager raise their own taxes?

14 Jul 2014 05:13 pm
Posted by: Donna

Terrorizing brown people, of course! HighGround, the firm owned by Chuck Coughlin (Arizona’s true Governor) which represents GOP candidate Scott Smith, released a poll of the upcoming primary. The results for Governor track with other recent polls showing Doug Ducey and Christine Jones vying for the lead but still a lot of undecideds. The focus was on immigration and naturally the mostly conservative respondents favored hardline anti-immigrant enforcement. A wide majority favor such measures so much that they are willing to disregard their objection to taxation for them.

Q9. If the Federal Government refuses to secure the border, would you support the State of Arizona increasing taxes to allocate additional resources to securing the border and increasing immigration enforcement?

24.5% Definitely No
12.3% Probably No
20.5% Probably Yes
37.3% Definitely Yes
5.5% Don’t Know, Refused

Yet more proof that their constant blubbering about “deficits” and “spending” and “debt” is a bunch of marlarkey. The spending they don’t like is that which goes to help poor people. There is endless supply, however, of federal revenue to borrow (or state money to divert) for the purpose of locking up brown and black people or killing them.

But sure, tell me again how “moderate Republicans” are going to save us.

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