What’s the matter with Arizona fathers?

10 Jul 2014 05:36 pm
Posted by: Donna

I posed a question on social media today about whether Arizonans really care as much about education as they say they do, given how the state keeps electing people who are basically out to dismantle the public education system. My guess was that a lot of people tell pollsters they support the schools and think they are important because they think they are supposed to say that but really don’t give the schools in this state much thought because they don’t have any K-12 or college students in their households. That led me to nerd out on some exit polls, which lead me to discover something quite shocking, though not entirely unexpected. I used the Senate race in 2012 because I think it’s a slightly better proxy for statewide voting patterns than the Presidential.

Married parents voting Republican isn’t surprising since they demographically skew that way (though y’all nice white parents can kindly knock off the whining about the schools you keep voting to defund any minute now). What’s really striking is the next chart over*, where the 35% of voters with children 18 and under were considered. The disparity between mothers and fathers is a staggering 60 points! In other words, the moms get it and the dads are too busy, what, fondling their guns to pay any attention to what is being done to their children in this state? I just don’t even. Get it together, dads. In the meantime, it looks like fathers have a slightly higher participation rate than mothers. I guarantee that is a sign we’re not getting enough single moms to the polls.

*It does appear at first glance that I need to have a talk with my fellow ladies who are not currently engaged in child raising about their voting too but my guess on that is that the “women with no children” sample includes a large number of older white women. Which is, of course, another bright neon sign indicating that Democrats need to get more single women to the polls in general.

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