Yeah, Bob Robb, everyone HATES cops and firefighters.

15 Oct 2011 10:18 pm
Posted by: Donna

Greg Stanton is ahead by 20 points in every poll of the Phoenix race but he’s going to lose, says Republic columnist Bob Robb because outgoing Mayor Phil Gordon endorsed him and so have police and firefighters!

One of the questions surrounding this year’s mayoral election is the extent to which the electorate is worried about the cozy relationship that exists in City Hall between the politicians, city management and the unions. Is this another election in which voters want change, but of a different sort?

If so, the endorsement of Stanton by Gordon and the firefighters and cops may simply serve to confirm the narrative Wes Gullett is peddling: that Stanton is the candidate of the excessively cozy status quo.

This was preceded by some blah blah about the 1983 mayoral election, which played out the way Robb obviously hopes this 2011 one will, where the front-runner (Dunn) was defeated because his opponent (Goddard) successfully painted him as part of the status quo. Of course, a reprise of that election narrative would require Wes Gullett to not only convince Phoenicians that they don’t respect Phil Gordon’s opinion but also that they don’t care for cops and firefighters. Good luck with that, Wes.

Yes, unions have taken quite a beating in public opinion for a variety of reasons (not the least of which is decades of anti-union propaganda by right wing hacks) but unions represent people in actual occupations, many of which are highly regarded. Such as first responders. The most recent survey I found ranking respect for occupations that included firefighters was from 2006, and firefighters nabbed the top spot. Gallup includes police officers every year in its Honesty and Ethics survey. In 2011 cops were ranked the 6th most honest and ethical profession, with 57% of respondents giving them “very high” marks in 2011.

Lobbyists (like Wes Gullett) were considered to be highly honest and ethical by only 7% of the population in that survey and “very low” in those areas by 61%. News reporters get a lackluster 22% “very high” rating.

So Greg Stanton has signs all over Phoenix saying police and firefighters support him. Wes Gullett, the lobbyist, has signs proclaiming his Arizona Republic endorsement. What was that you were saying about a narrative, Bob Robb?

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