Yeah, there’s a lotta agriculture going on in LD11.

19 Oct 2010 11:26 pm
Posted by: Donna

We got a flyer from LD11 Republican House candidate Kate Brophy McGee today. Glad to see her waste her money since 1) we’re solid Dems and 2) we’ve already voted. For Eric Meyer.

What caught my eye about McGee’s flyer was who paid for it. Who knew that a woman who lives in north central Phoenix is such a fierce advocate for farming?


The flyer states, under the bullet point of “Border Security”, that McGee supports “taxpayer services to U.S. citizens only”. Really? According to the mailer, McGee is backed by a host of business groups that include the AZ Chamber of Commerce, the Home Builders Association, the NFIB, and the two groups that paid for the mailer – the Farm Bureau and the United Dairymen.

So they’re supporting a woman who favors “taxpayer services to U.S. citizens only”. In the case of the Farm Bureau and the Dairymen, enough to pay for a mailer via an independent expenditure.

Wait a second…Who are the people clamoring for a guest worker program all the time? And yet these business leaders are happy to throw their cash behind a candidate who would deny basic social services to the workers they claim to need so desperately?


Once again, I have to remind y’all that conservatives never have been and never will be “good on immigration”.

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  1. Comment by AZ Mama on October 20, 2010 12:25 am

    Why does “Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free” keep ringing through my ears as I read this?

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