You better accept the “nice” misogynists, ladies, or you’ll force us to run really gross ones!

07 Oct 2016 02:39 pm
Posted by: Donna

Right wing dude barfed this “wisdom” up about Trump, in the wake of recent further revelations of what a nasty, rapey scumbag the GOP Presidential nominee is.

“It could be worse” is a common tactic of sexists attempting to shut down feminist opposition to sexism. In this case, Dan McLaughlin is cherry-picking a few personal aspects of Mitt Romney, while completely ignoring the actual problems Democrats had with his stances (anti-choice, anti-safety net, lack of concern for wage inequality, etc.) in 2012. Bad laws and policies toward women don’t harm us less because a genial, “G-rated” guy is doing them to us.

And as far as that goes, McLaughlin seems to have forgotten whom Democratic voters did send back to the White House in that elections. We put Barack Obama and his family back in, and I challenge anyone to find a clan more impressive and respectable than they. Democrats didn’t choose vulgarity over gentility, Republicans did when they nominated Trump.

Own your shit and stop trying to blame everything you screw up on liberals, Republicans, kthxbai.

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