You’re over two weeks late and a dollar short, AP

08 Sep 2016 02:38 pm
Posted by: Donna

On the evening after the “damning” AP story broke about a supposed pay-to-play scandal with the Clinton Foundation (which has since proven to be bullshit), that had been teased by a fallacious tweet claiming that half of all the people who met with then-Secretary Clinton at State were Foundation donors, I happened to catch the reporting of our local CBS affiliate in Phoenix on it on the 10pm news. Local newscasts typically devote about one minute of coverage to Presidential campaigns and on this night the news anchor basically read AP’s tweet, with the chyron below repeating the same thing. I expect it was the same on the other local newscasts.

So that’s what went out to the 12th largest media market (out of the 100 ranked) and now AP has (finally) issued a correction, after the damage has been done to Secretary Clinton’s “optics” and to a top-rated charitable organization that saves poor people with HIV/AIDS and other devastating diseases.

I got chided the other day by a local print reporter for complaining about the media all the time. I’m not doing it for my health.


  1. Comment by blaxabbath on September 9, 2016 3:37 pm

    That is brutal. I remember reading that half figure and thinking, “oh man, there is no way that this can fly.”

    Funny that this is the first place I read about this (I don’t follow the AP’s twitter).

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